Awake! The Life of Yogananda – the Movie

This epic film will awaken a lot of people and inspire devotees the world over.

It is now playing in Europe and Latin American countries 2016……

Awake Poster The life of Yogananda 2The DVD of this epic film is available from Self-Realization Fellowship now.

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 The Master said –

“I own nothing, yet I have everything.

Sometimes I have given away my last dollar.
But I was never left 

God has always provided for me.
I am very rich in that respect, even though poor outside -poor,  not by compulsion, but by my own willingness.
If I have my father with me, what riches 
more can I want?  That is the teaching of the East.

That is what all Americans need to remember.
Behind the dollar, behind all your efforts, is that great power.
And if that power wishes you to have 
the right job,
the right anything, you will have it 
if you are in tune with God.

Everything was given to me that way, and I gave it all away to the cause, that I not be a slave to anyone or anything.”

by Paramahansa Yogananda, From page 205 , Journey to Self-Realization, © Self-Realization Publishers LA USA

Yogananda said;IMG_0159

“I give all my responsibilities to Divine Mother. 
But to maintain that attitude take great will.
Under all circumstances – health of sickness, riches
or poverty, sunshine of gray clouds, – your feeling 
must remain unruffled. Even when you are in the 
coal bin of suffering, you don’t wonder why the 
Mother has placed you there. You have faith that
She knows best. Sometimes an apparent disaster 
turns into a blessing for you.”

Paramahansa Yogananda , Page 258, JSR