Only the SRF editions of Yogananda’s books are most reliable and up to date.

Some thoughts on this classic Divine scripture
“AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI” by Paramahansa Yogananda

To really get at the heart of this spiritual classic takes most persons more than one reading, as it all depends where one is in their personal evolution. As we grow and change, 20 years from now we will be a very different person. You will see what you missed before. You will know more of what is really within your soul. Because we are at such different places, some may not see anything for themselves at first.
That is why occasional rereading of such profound books as A/Y keeps on giving. I am not suggesting that one waits 20 years to do that second and third reading, as even now we can miss so much. Also, the books one reads from SRF are not just the plagiarized copies of another person’s works, SRF editions are cleared and approved by a board of Personally trained Yogis that Yogananda Himself set up years ago specifically for his work.
From my own research and experience, I would only trust publications of Paramahansa Yogananda’s books and lessons that come from Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers. Not only because that is what the master wanted, but many of those persons who did
the final editing for Yogananda were personally trained by Him for a long time, but also because those same persons are very advanced souls and exceptional editors who deeply and clearly understood what the Master wished and what He taught. Some who left this great work of Yogananda’s SRF/YSS are the ones who really began distorting His wisdom to suit their own agendas when they broke that spiritual connection with this sacred lineage of Gurus . They have made many false claims about themselves and their place with the Master.
As human nature goes, there are a lot of 2nd rate copycats out there who are attempting to glorify themselves disrespectfully publishing all of parts or Paramahansa Yogananda’s works [copies of stuff He updated before his demise]. They use Yogananda’s name to make themselves look authentic – they are not. Everybody’s trying to get a piece of the action, alas on closer investigation – they don’t even come close. Many are a lot of talk and not spirit.
Talk is cheap!
If it’s Yogananda you want, His only org to trust is YSS/ Self-Realization Fellowship [Publishers]. He is SRF/YSS – not the bricks and mortar but the soul of this great spiritual world wide community – a shining light for all kriyabans.
You bought the right edition as shown below! The living Master, Paramahansa Yogananda will personally show you when you should read it again – and so much more will be revealed to you. Take the Lessons course from YSS/SRF and watch your life transform from the little self into the Real Greater Self!
You know it’s sort of like when we first see the ocean and are filled with awe – it is so grand and expansive. Yet, when we are serious enough to dive deep beneath the surface – that first awesome feeling is expanded in our consciousness a thousand times. This is the analogy of one who pursues the Master’s life and work far beneath the surface and first readings!
This is a scripture that explodes a lot of myths blowing old dogmatic beliefs out of the water. This book will rid you of all that old outdated programming.
There never was only one Christ – many continents have produced them.

Paramahansa Yogananda came to America at a time when the physical sciences were making people a little starry eyed about a physical world of Relativity that is mostly a world of light and shadows [chiaroscuro].
He introduced us more fully into the: Science of Religion: without the dogmatism and narrow views of Churchianity. Instead, Yogananda brought us the theory and science of the soul and spirit, Most of all, from the faultless example of His own divine life He showed us the how and why of exploring inner space for true enlightenment. Yogananda personally brought us the Saving grace that guides and protects all sincere YSS/SRF Kriya yogis on this sacred path.

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