Doctor Preager tells it all, about Americas greatest medical scandal against the public.
Sorry this interesting video is no longer on the net, to get this true data , go to this site:
Special notes as of July 20 2022 by Pyislove, as of this date, we have learned from the worlds top Medical Scientists that the covid vaccines are weakening the human immune systems, and causing many deaths from increasing blood clotting, problems in heart , lungs, and brain etc.
Natural immunity has turned out to be equal to or better than the vaccines of short lived immunity.
We also now know that repurposed drugs such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and monoclonal antibodies , etc. are totally safe and effective in eliminating deaths and illness for Covid 19.
They also cost a small fraction of the presently failing latest vaccines.

Only those who have been following the science of profiteering are pushing the “vaccine narratives.”
Children who are rarely effected by this virus and its mutations seem to have no need of the jab!
Corporations, politicians , hospital executives, and many other hacks in the medical field have profited from endless false information campaigns over the last 2 years.
All at the taxpayers expense !