The promise of the true Guru.

SRF London Ontario Meditation Circle 5th Jan 2016

WHO REALLY NEEDS A GURU? Those who imagined they could make it on their own never went very far it seems… own observations over a lifetime!
There is more to a Guru than a claim!
The True Guru is far more than a teacher !
The True Guru is far more than an expert !

Thus Paramahansa Yogananda tells us from His own experience that–
“Ignorance is the archenemy of man.
Therefore, to guide yourself and others by wisdom is the greatest wisdom.
To all those who are around me, I speak without weighing my words.
If I see error in their ways, I tell them so.
But I never try in any way to muffle anyone’s reason.
Obedience to the Guru is the surest way when one is seeking God.
Master [Swami Sri Yukteswar] first told me what to do, and afterwards gave me the reasons. I found him unerring in his wisdom.
By listening to him, I saved myself from many incarnations of roaming and trying to find the truth by myself. Guru is He who has experienced truth. He serves as a guide in the dark forest of life. If you follow him, he will lead you out of the darkness.
If you try to find the way alone, you may needlessly lose yourself in the forest for many incarnations. So follow the Guru, and he will take you through safely.
Forms and dogma should not control religion. Religion must be based on reason,
and that reason is supplied by the Sankya philosophy.”

“The Divine Romance” Page 81, by Paramahansa Yogananda,
©SRF publishers LA USA [the only publisher authorized by Yogananda]
I followed Him, and so much good has resulted for my life…………..


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Paramahansa Yogananda’s Divine Teachings

SRF 27 January at 16:54 ·
(Paramahansa Yogananda – Excerpt from lecture “Self-Realization: The Inner And Outer Path” delivered at Self-Realization Fellowship’s International Headquarters on Christmas Day, 1950) (For this special lecture Master had a microphone set up in His upstairs room at Mother Center where He spoke in seclusion to everyone over the speakers-
See Below) CD available at

“So am I happy even though my physical body is not there [at the service], my Spirit is ever with you and my voice is with you now–talking to you from my Heart, my Soul, my Spirit. I was very happy to feel how the wonderful celebration of the Spiritual Birthday of Christ–was carried on by Saint Lynn with the assistance of Doctor Lewis and I’m glad all of you joined in One Spirit. As I meditated with you it seemed like 3 minutes to me. I have been very very happy, the Heavenly Father has fulfilled all my wishes for the organization. Personal wishes, I had none, I had finished them long ago–many incarnations ago. I only prize above all possessions the bouquet of Souls. I do not care who comes and go. As Jesus said, “He that follows me, he follows not me, but Him that sent me.” He who shall honor the ego–shall lose God. He who always remembers as Saint Lynn ever does and True Disciples of the order–that behind Him is the link of the Gurus, Christ and God. Such Souls like Saint Lynn and others who will be like him—will feel the connection of the Gurus. Spirituality cannot be bought in a market place. When you all are little desirous of God—God sends you books and teachers. When you are very desirous—God sends you a Guru. And these link of Gurus, you must regard–if you want to get There. Jesus said, “Who is my Brother, Father, and Sister, but those who loves God.” I recognized no one–I recognized, yes in the Metaphysical way that all are Brothers. But those who love God–I know they are my Brothers and Sisters. I am not interested in those who come here for a little glamour–then go. I am interested in those that will not go half way, but all the way–and right through the door of God’s Silence. That’s why God doesn’t talk and God will not talk for years and years if you faithfully follow Him. He may, but only when He’s convinced that you do not seek Him for glamour and glory. But that you seek Him Forever!!! Then He will open the door. And no one can tell when He will open the door. Even Jesus Christ said, “What my Father knows–I know not.” Steadfastly you must follow the path of Self-Realization–the Greatest Order of Wisdom and Realization that was ever sent in the world. It has the Highest Principles of Meditation balanced with activity. God has given you hunger–you cannot be idle. Those who think they come here only to Meditate–there mistaken because God wouldn’t of given them Hunger to work for. Everywhere people are working, but they forget God. We work in ideal environment in our Centers–with God-Consciousness in our bosom. Only work for God and work the body until you are a Master. And then when you will Meditate, he will not nod–if you Master your body by Yoga practice and Kriya Yoga–then your body will be steady and a fit Temple of God. And remember, even if God doesn’t answer–He’s always behind your consciousness.” by Paramahansa Yogananda talks, SRF Publishers LA USA…..