Don’t get your child jabbed for covid
unless you want him to die !!!!
It is not as though myocarditis is some rare occurrence post-injection for the Fauci Flu. Back in April, as one example, a large-scale study out of Nordic Europe (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) found that getting injected for Chinese Germs massively increases one’s risk of myocarditis.

There are also tens of thousands of both children and adults in the United States alone who now suffer from heart and other health problems as a result of the jabs, to which the pharmacist the Canadian father spoke to had nothing to say because she personally profits every time she administers another shot.

Frustrated by the situation as the conversation progressed, the angry father became increasingly angrier as the pharmacist had nothing to say back to him – probably because she knows full well that the jabs are killing kids. Towards the end of the call – viewers beware – the man started lobbing insults and vulgarity at the pharmacist because his child’s life is now ruined.

“At this point, I think litigation is the only thing that is going to prevent this from happening again,” wrote one commenter about the father’s threat against the pharmacist that he recorded the call and publicly released it in order to sue the pharmacy that harmed his child.

“If the people who were dishonest, or did not do their jobs as required, are not held severely responsible, you won’t ever be able to trust your doctor or any drug again.”

“I hope the lawyers are quiet now because they are collecting data and names to add to their massive lawsuits. This is probably the biggest opportunity the legal profession has or will ever have to benefit mankind.”

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Sources for this article include: On August 10 2-22 the government of a European country had cancelled the use of Covid Jabs for all persons under the age of 19.
this is just the beginning to stop the hidden number of death and injuries from the bioweapon which was misnamed a vaccin…..fp