Self-Realization and Kriya Yoga link –

Paramahansa Yogananda’s prime wish/teaching ,
was for true Kriya Yoga devotees support and work
through His only org  Self-Realization Fellowship / Yogoda Sat Sangha (India).

He said,  “To be known by God is everything. Like Buddha who gave up everything,
live only for God, Self-Realization Fellowship, & Guru’s work,
& you will attain everlastingness in Heaven.”
From a letter to James Lynne in 1935]
Also Read Page 410 Autobiography of a Yogi from SRF Publishers© (orange cover).
Many Kindle 1946 editions are out of date !

Yogananda also wrote to another devotee;” this is not the end of your relationship with
Self-realization Fellowship, but only the beginning…….stay in touch with mother center…..”

Nowhere did He suggest that the devotee would need to seek elsewhere for more lessons and methods,
                                         for other teachers and guides etc. In master’s Lessons Course, writings, and examples we have it all!
Even His personal attention and blessings are always with us – He is a “Living Guru.”

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One comment on “Self-Realization and Kriya Yoga link –

  1. Paramahansa Yogananda tells us about the importance of the Self-Realization Fellowship/YSS.
    In over 100 places in His writings and talks He emphasizes the importance of all Kriya Yoga devotees keeping a lifelong connection with Mother Center as the representative of the Great Kriya Yoga masters.
    This will ensure the right attunement, blessings, and personal growth for the devotee.
    He said,”when I am gone, the {SRF} Lessons will be the Guru.”
    In a letter in 1935, Yogananda said to James Lynne (Rajarsi Janakananda),” be like the Buddha, love only for God, Self-Realization Fellowship and the Guru’s work, and you will attain Heaven.”

    Again in a lecture He says, during a service.
    May 2 – On Loyalty “You are in this house of God; and this is your house. You should be proud of the work and loyal to it, that the blessing of God may flow through you. He who is not loyal to his own organization and the work that God has sent is not loyal to God. Though I am so liberal, yet you see I regularly mention only my line of Gurus–Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, and Sri Yukteswar”.
    –Paramahansa Yogananda, Lecture circa 1949
    “I am very loyal to my order of Gurus. In this respect I am quite orthodox. It is true that in God all saints are one; but when a particular Guru comes on earth to help other souls, those whom he helps should be loyal to the one whom God has sent to them. So from the platform I talk chiefly about my line of masters. A Self-Realizationist should be completely loyal to God, Christ, and the Masters of Self-Realization Fellowship.” Paramahansa Yogananda

    Letter to a devotee by JDW;;;;
    “”It is our policy to permit only ordained ministers to give the Kriya Yoga initiation. Master said that after his passing he wanted only —SRF renunciates to be ordained as ministers, and at that only after a minimum of seven years in one of our colonies[ashrams]…”
    signed -Donald Walters, 1957

    Also see;

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