What Mahatma Gandhi said ;

In circa 1945, an American Journalist who was visiting the mahatma’s Wharda ashram
[ where the emphasis was on naturopathic and Ayurvedic medicine] enquired as to why
the ashram was not taking advantage of the great benefits of modern medicine?
Gandhi replied, “you have no idea how much harm modern medicine has done to the human race.”

A long time rule I have had is never to leave a doctors office without a second
opinion, that second opinion came from myself.
This has saved my life more than once! People should start doing more of their own thinking about health matters. Getting back to less medications and more natural remedies will benefit many devotees.

Master warned us that “all manufactured drugs have side effects, and will lose their efficacy over time as the bacterial will develop resistance to such drugs.”

Years ago one of the ideas I shared with my Yoga students was; “take good care of your
health – pray that you do not fall into the hands of professionals.” ei drug pushers.”
Although I am not against making use of good advice and remedies created by science, it was in this most recent Pandemic we had the unfortunate situation where
many in the medical profession and politics where not following the science of medicine, but were instead following the science of profiteering. Many lies were told and many laws were broken, and many lives were harmfully effected.

We have not yet seen the full disastrous results of this kind of thinking.
What damage? You won’t see it on TV or in your local news media, they have all been bribed or coerced. it’ s amazing how many people will take money to be quiet!

Let me just say that there are so many ways and simple remedies to stay safe from and even neutralize the Covid problem that the question should be asked; Was the cov vaxx ever needed?

eg ; In the state of UP in India [population over about 200 million], the virus was mostly wiped out early on with the widespread use of Ivermectin, vitamins C, and D3, and Zinc supplements. Was the Vagzeens ever needed?
Almost no harmful side effects at all in the UP !

While the vagzeene..,,rate was only about 5%.

Also in Bangladesh and Uganda, and other places, millions were rinsing their nasal cavity with simple things like saline, or tincture of Iodine etc etc to kill the virus before it could move to the respiratory system.
Once entering the body the virus takes about 3 days to get established and effect the said system. To break through the endothelial membrane.

This brings the question again, was that junk vagzeene every needed by anyone but the elderly? How many lies were told by those educated cowards who had control of governments and medicine and public policies, over and over again?
All the harmful draconian mandates and policies were there only for maximum profiteering.
Well = everything is all recorded and on file where it can’t be destroyed or hidden. They knew from the start that the vax did not stop the spread They knew that masks were ineffective, etc.
There was only one way that so many were fooled by this massive fear campaign.
It was mostly by deceit -they all knew exactly what they were doing .

The covid death rate is only about one quarter of one percent, there was no pandemic.
There was only “Maya”.

Those countries with the highest vaxx rates experienced the highest reinfection rates of C19 and variants. Repeated injections may be weakening our immune response?

Did we ever even really need that experimental new design vaggzeen which is weakening auto immune systems
and doing nothing to reduce transmission of the disease???

However ,there are many doctors and scientists speaking truth on many web sites that your g searches may not show up. Media and doctors have been silenced and social media has been censoring anyone who dares to say “Ivermectin.” ” monoclonal antibodies ” etc

Here is where you can find out what is really going on… thehighwiredotcom, naturalnewsdotcom, librtidotcom, mercoladotcom.
thenewamericandotcom, childrenshealthdefencedotcom, newstargetdotcom, awakecanada.org, nomorecollegemandates.com
Truenorthmedia.com, rebelmediadotcomm mercoladotcom, rumbledotcom, ………………………….
Just to name a few reliable sites of unbribed journalism……….by pyislove

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