You must learn to read, few persons have.
What is the most interesting message on the final page of

Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi ?
So many persons have told me “Yes, I’ve read that book”
Actually , you thought you were so entertained that you missed most or
all of its life changing messages. I’ve seen this year after year – so many
persons imagined that they read the book while they were distracted

by the masters wonderful true to life stories Human nature has such an intense desire to be entertained that most persons, as Jesus mentioned totally miss those messages that can deeply
enhance and enrich ones life , and take you from mediocrity to an infinite consciousness.

Kriya yoga – which is also fully explained in that great book “A/Y,” does transform ones life
to a heavenly existence before death. Yet not one person has been able to tell me that they
recall the master’s explanation of Kriya Yoga in that spiritual classic. He does explain it!
In todays world of endless data sources from places with many motives the devotee/seeker must
be especially aware of what sources are trustworthy and who would mislead you for their own gain.
Follow the money and “you will know them by their fruits” will go a long way to avoiding future regrets.
Also remember “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul”.
this is Jesus description of the average misdirected missionary or wannabe teacher of spirit.


Learning how to really read what you see, and how the Master goes to great lengths to help us gain this great skill from His books the the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons course for home study.
There are many situation in the Autobiography where Master tells about various great yogis who teach their devotees how to deeply absorb what they hear and read till it becomes part and parcel of your whole consciousness.
Yoganandaji takes the devotee way beyond the superficial assumptions of quick read and forget habits of academia. It takes time , patience, and devout longing for truth and humility to see past the “verbiage of words ” that is part of Mayas popular but shallow fabrication of this world.
Go deep, let the message become a living essence of your consciousness, not just a passing curiosity and then forgotten! Master tells us to avoid this shallow intellectual indigestion syndrome.

/////////////////////////////////////////, more to follow next month!

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