London Ontario Meditation Circle for Self-Realization Fellowship Was started 50 years ago this spring! What a wonderful trip!

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Deep Meditations, Healing, Self-Transformation, Advanced spiritual practices,
and community devotion are  found  at London Ontario Meditation Circle of Self-Realization Fellowship.
A society free from dogmatism, prejudice, and exclusivity.
YSS/SRF Kriya Yoga Meditation is absolutely safe and effective, and life enhancing.
Come, meditate deeply with with our SRF community and expand your consciousness!

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You can change your life more quickly in this uplifting group environment…
Practices and readings at these Meditation Circle services will
give the wise seeker tools to take home for personal growth.
If you came only once or twice and imagined it is like any other
church, you have missed the whole point. You didn’t take time to really see!
The Uniqueness and fullness of these services are consciousness changing.
Enrich the Peace and Mind Awareness and vitality in your daily life!

Self-realization Fellowship is unlike any other church, true scientific spirituality [Kriya Yoga]
is what Yogananda brought to the world, and this Legacy is creating a global spiritual revolution.
Become part of it by changing yourself first. SRF meditation community is the key.
If Yogananda really moved your soul, support His work.

For more info please call 519-438-4744 /or 519-472-3066.
We meet weekly at members homes. No obligations.

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This Epic film was showing in London, Ontario, Dec 12-23, 2014 [ Hyland Theatre]
It has been showing to sold-out audiences of spiritual seekers across North America since Oct 2014, and globally since 2015. Follow up films on Yogananda’s life are under way by various groups.
It may also be purchased in DVD form from Self-Realization Fellowship book store
or other outlets. The editions of DVD from SRF book store have multi lingual sub titles and are the best choice.

This award winning documentary [biopic] shows a very brief outline of Paramahansa Yogananda’s amazing life story. His work is a major force in advancing a healthier global climate and inspiration for spiritual seekers of all religions or no religion.

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Self-Realization Fellowship/ YSS was founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920, Incorporated in 1935 as His sole representatives, teachers, and publishers of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga and Yogoda spiritual teachings.
His journey in this lifetime 1893-1952. He did say that He would return again and again to help all and attuned SRF/YSS devotees to reach cosmic consciousness. But be careful – when a divine Master makes such a statement, it does not necessarily mean more physical reincarnations or public debuts. This usually refers to great devotees with great devotion.
They personally come to loyal devotees who are attuned. Even now there are opportunists who are claiming to be the reincarnation or the true earthly representatives of Yogananda. They are not!
He made it clear that only His true representatives would be through the SRF/YSS leaders.

This divine manifestation brought  Kriya Yoga Meditation to the West.
He made far reaching contributions to world peace, and religious  unity,
and left us all with a revelatory divine  dispensation in the world’s
most widely spoken language. Yogananda also brought the yogic
“Science of Religion” as a true science to the world’s attention in a
way fully explained and demonstrated in His own remarkable life.

Methods, that when correctly and regularly practiced,
will bring one the personal enlightenment  & Joy of
Self-Realization even before death. Ending the cycles of reincarnation.
This path is one of grace, self-effort, reason, devotion, and Intuition.

SRF/YSS Lessons are available at minimum expense for all
who wish to learn and practice the world’s most
advanced and effective methods for self-transformative living.
With ongoing personal counseling, initiations, and instructions.
This is always accompanied by Yogananda’s constant aid to all
sincere devotees who are attuned to His presence – He is a “Living Guru.”

Yes! Yogananda brought the most advanced brain plasticity
concepts as part of many unique advanced lifestyle
practices/teachings all based upon Ancient Yoga principles and Techniques.

Kriya Yoga Lessons course from YSS/SRF note;
These advanced Kriya Yoga techniques [ with all the higher Kriyas] allows a person to dissolve their past
Karma [the residual traumas of this and other lives in this world, called sin by some].
Of course, this will only happen with regular correct practice and attitudes.
Attitudes of loyalty to the Guru and his work via YSS/SRF, and attunement
with His living presence, study of the Lessons and other writings daily.
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The Master said, “I seek nothing from you but your joy in God .
And you seek nothing from me but wisdom and joy.”

……..” You have come here for the pure truth that flows from my soul,
and even if one person receives this truth and is changed,
I will have done more good than if thousands were rocking with emotion.”
Journey to Self-Realization – Pp  152.
©Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers (c) LA USA

He also began the pluralistic open restoration of these advanced
world teachings found in the Holy Bhagavad Gita & the Biblical Gospels.
For the Arabic peoples He revealed  an esoteric commentary based upon
the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam for their spiritual elucidation.

This dispensation  has led to a world wide revolution in spiritual
thinking and greater respect for all religious traditions.
One of the greatest contributions Paramahansa Yogananda made to
humanity was the “depoliticization ” of Religion/Spirituality.
Because, you may know, it was emperors and various powerful leaders
who became entrenched in a  “one way ” and “us and them” divisive
belief systems that were the great cause of keeping the masses ignorant
of the full possibilities of their divine potential.
Yoga and the work of Self-Realization Fellowship which is now
sweeping the world is only in the earliest beginning stages.

When asked by a devotee what the future held for these SRF teachings.
The master replied, “wait till you see this work in two thousand years.”

Paramahansa Yogananda’s renowned “Autobiography of a Yogi”img_20210226_054411720
originally written in English in 1946 has been revised per His own
efforts and instructions left with his only church SRF/YSS.
Now available in over 45 languages, and still appearing
on Best seller lists world wide. Get the “complete edition” only available from Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers [with the orange cover].

The Master said, cropped-py-painting-by-sananda-ghosh-2013
      “By heeding these simple truths
that I give you, you can find God.

       You don’t need a new religion.
You know what God wants;
what you need is to live by it

Paramahansa Yogananda, from SR magazine, Summer 2008.
© Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers LA USA

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