Yogananda for the World rediscovered

    The Wisdom of Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga

                                                           Post by London SRF / YSS Meditation Circle.

Yogananda said; “You have the power to destroy Karma,
You must guide your actions by wisdom,
not influences; be self-disciplined 

PY books 17 and follow the wisdom  guidance of a True Guru;
believe in your divine 
inheritance as a
Child of God made in His image;
associate with good company,
such as coming to church regularly, 
and practice the techniques that
 will give you the actual experience of God.”

Hear about the wisdom of Yoga,
equipped with which, 
O Arjuna, thou shalt shatter
the bonds of Karma.” from the Bhagavad Gita 11:39

“Here we teach you what to do in the silence of
meditation, especially 
the practice of Kriya Yoga,
so that you truly experience God 

 This is why Self-Realization Fellowship is reaching all 
over the world. This path is sent by some of India’s greatest 
masters to Christ-ianize the churches and show that the
real meaning 
religion is to realized God.
Each of you by example of your life must 

                                                                be a messenger of this light.                                                                                          by Paramahansa Yogananda, From a talk in June 6, 1943

From “Journey to Self-Realization,”
(c) Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers LA USA

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