London Ontario Yoga Meditation Seminar at Library

 This will be a 2 hour seminar consisting of Meditation instruction and practice by Alexander S Jones.
Mr Jones is the author of “Awaken the Christ within You,” “and Meditation;Where East and West Meet” etc
Mr Jones is a lifetime devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda, and an experienced meditator and instructor.
Followed by a Q & A session about Paramahansa Yogananda’s Life and legacy .
about “Autobiography of a Yogi”, and on line data about Yogananda’s work.
This segment will be presented by Federico Parente, a lifetime devotee of Yogananda.
For those who have seen the recent Documentary Film,”Awake The Life of Yogananda”
we can answer many questions about what was shown briefly in that film.
This Seminar will be held at the Main Library, – [a non profit event]
Tonda Room, Dundas St, London, 
Ontario. Saturday, January 31 , 2015
Suitable for beginners and intermediate persons of all Faiths.

Mirror Reflection Lake AFF xfp 2011

Meditation will take you deeper into your self-awareness than prayer.
Payer is like walking, Meditation is like running fast.
In prayer we ask, in Meditation we listen and experience reality.
Yoga meditation is a perfected science. It will enrich every aspect of your life!