One comment on “International monastic SRF tour 2017 photos.

  1. PYislove says:

    Paramahansa Yogananda tells us that ;”God is Consciousness, essentially there is nothing else in the Universe except Mind and Consciousness.”
    The Great Prophet Yogananda adds;” A man looking at the sky and the mountains and the ocean does not detect in them the Divine Presence. The subtle beam of the Creator is imperceptible to the human gaze. Because He is everywhere, it is as if He were nowhere. Being infinite, God cannot be limited to any form, human or stone; yet He is manifest in all forms. One can rightly say that God manifests in every man as well as in great saints, for He is present in all.” –
    So you can see in the above quotes from the Masters writings why the so called atheist has placed his own intellect into an impossible conundrum that can’t be solved by logic….fp

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